Join, Support, Give

America is a great nation, and you are a part of that fabric of society. As individuals, we can accomplish amazing things. Together, the power that we have multiplies dramatically. The team here at Mini America invites you to join us in making this ‘dream theme’ park a reality.

There are varying degrees of support, involvement, and investment available at Mini America. From volunteering, to contributing, to becoming an accredited investor: we welcome all of you.

We invite you to join us in the developmental stage of the nation’s next great theme park! Please see the different projects and campaigns below to find out what type of involvement is right for you. Thank you, we greatly appreciate your support of Mini America.

Project 5650 – For more information, visit Project 5650
Mini America CrowdFounder – Visit CrowdFounding
I Am America – Visit The Mini Store

The Answers to the Numbers...

On the Mini Donation page we describe the different levels on how you can be a CrowdFounder and the fact that all of them have a historic significance. Here are the answers to what each number represents:

$ 5: The number of men who drafted the Declaration of Independence
$ 9: The number of appointed men and women serving on the Supreme Court
$ 13: The number of original first thirteen colonies
$ 27: The number of Constitutional Amendments
$ 50: The number of United States of America
$ 56: The number of men who signed the Declaration of Independence
$ 100: The number of Senators serving in the Senate
$ 435: The number of Representatives serving in the House
$ 1000: The number of the first twenty people in each state to sign up for Mini America
$ 1776 - The year the Declaration of Independence was signed
For $ 2700, $ 5600, these numbers repeat - see above
$7600 is IN THE SPIRIT OF '76........ Become a Mini Founding Father today!

We are looking for one in each of the original 13 Colonies.

Note; You can donate any amount, though these historic numbers are connected to our Mini America CrowdFounder Rewards Program.