Project 5650


I-America-PioneerBecome a Founding Pioneer and Help Build (Mini) America!

On July 4, 1776, fifty-six men from across the thirteen original American colonies signed the Declaration of Independence, formally separating the colonies from the British Empire and setting into motion a revolutionary turn of events that forever changed the world. This relatively short document, with its determination and lofty ideals, laid the foundation for what would become the United States of America, imprinting "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" onto the very DNA of this great country. It paved the way for the American Dream, for Horatio Alger, for all of the great and inspiring people who have become the source of America's enduring appeal and exceptionalism.

We at Mini America believe in these same ideals. We believe that America's best days are still ahead. And we believe that this country deserves a park that celebrates what makes America great: courage, ingenuity, and perseverance. In order to help us achieve our dream of building the Mini America theme park, and to celebrate the bravery of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence, we're proud to announce Project 5650, a unique fundraising campaign that allows you to help build America.

As the name suggests, we're looking for 56 Founding Pioneers from all 50 states to pledge just $50 to create a network of mini founders who care about the past, present and future of our great nation, who want to see America come alive in miniature and see that this educational theme park becomes a reality. The money is used for the development which includes the Mini America Tour, Mini America Merchandising and designing a realistic 3D fly-over of the Mini America theme park.


Why You Should Become a Founding Pioneer

By becoming a Founding Pioneer you secure your place in the history of Mini America and support an American-born company, which uses only Made in America products. Beyond the pride of investing in an American company, every Founding Pioneer will also receive these special gifts:

1. Receive the inaugural Mini America Founding Pioneer t-shirt
2. A Certificate of Participation
3. Personal Recognition on the Mini America website
4. Subscription to the Mini America quarterly newsletter
5. Discounts on Made in America and Mini America merchandise

How to Become a Founding Pioneer

There are 2 ways to pledge your support for Mini America through Project 5650:

1. Click Below to become a Mini America Founding Pioneer and be a Trailblazer:

2. Pay by check, by sending a check made payable to "Mini America" and send to:
Mini America Development
227 Sandy Springs PL NE # 720400
Atlanta, Georgia 30328 USA

3. Call us @ 1-404-250-1709 for additional information or further discussion how you can be involved in the development of this Park with a Purpose.


Here you see an image of the inaugural Mini America Founding Pioneer T-Shirt with the very special logo on the front and our slogan 'Its' All About U.S.' ™ on the  back. We have Small, Medium, Large and XL in stock, and other sizes can be printed on demand. Just let us know what you need. We look forward to hearing from you.




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