Mini America Founding Pioneers

WELCOME Mini America Founding Pioneers. Years from now you will look back and can tell friends and family that you were one of the original Founding Pioneers supporting Project 5650 which was the cornerstone of Mini America.  We (will) have 56 Founding Pioneers in each of the 50 States. A network of 2,800 visionaries, who want to be a part of this educational theme park and involved in a development that is credited with impacting the economy and recognized for American innovation and entrrepreneurship. Thank you again, feel free to contact us and participate in expanding this Park with a Purpose.


Below are all 50 states listing the names of Mini America Founding Pioneers:


  1. Alabama: AL
  2. Alaska: AK
  3. Arizona: AZ
  4. Arkansas: AR
  5. California: CA
  6. Colorado: CO
  7. Connecticut: CT
  8. Delaware: DE
  9. Florida: FL
  10. Georgia: GA
  11. Hawaii: HI
  12. Idaho: ID
  13. Illinois: IL
  14. Indiana: IN
  15. Iowa: IA
  16. Kansas: KS
  17. Kentucky: KY
  18. Louisiana: LA
  19. Maine: ME
  20. Maryland: MD
  21. Massachusetts: MA
  22. Michigan: MI
  23. Minnesota: MN
  24. Mississippi: MS
  25. Missouri: MO
  26. Montana: MT
  27. Nebraska: NE
  28. Nevada: NV
  29. New Hampshire: NH
  30. New Jersey: NJ
  31. New Mexico: NM
  32. New York: NY
  33. North Carolina: NC
  34. North Dakota: ND
  35. Ohio: OH
  36. Oklahoma: OK
  37. Oregon: OR
  38. Pennsylvania: PA
  39. Rhode Island: RI
  40. South Carolina: SC
  41. South Dakota: SD
  42. Tennessee: TN
  43. Texas: TX
  44. Utah: UT
  45. Vermont: VT
  46. Virginia: VA
  47. Washington: WA
  48. West Virginia: WV
  49. Wisconsin: WI
  50. Wyoming: WY




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